AppGyver Composer Pro Debuts

April 14, 2020

After quietly developing and battle-testing the fully visual programming platform for 4 years with enterprises around the world, the company is finally unveiling its new platform to the public for free.

AppGyver, a Finnish software company committed to democratizing professional app development with visual programming tools, is unveiling its new Composer Pro product to the public after four years of quiet development. Composer Pro has been battle-tested by global enterprise companies with mission-critical apps during its private beta. Composer Pro replaces its HTML5 predecessor, now producing React and React Native apps whose performance and quality is indistinguishable from native apps, including those produced by traditional coding.

AppGyver’s Composer Pro is a visual platform for professional app development, where new and seasoned developers alike can now build sophisticated, production-ready apps without having to write a single line of code. Everything can be crafted visually with drag-and-drop, including the user interface, app logic, access to native APIs, user authentication, and backend integrations. AppGyver ensures that there are no compromises in app quality in comparison to traditionally developed apps.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes for the last four years with our enterprise customers, building and re-building Composer to make our vision of true visual app development a reality. For the first time, junior developers and even non-coders get the superpowers to become full-stack developers that can finish multi-platform app projects by themselves. No longer do people have to throw away good ideas because they can’t get them made,” says Marko Lehtimaki, CEO of AppGyver. “Also, senior software engineers can now just focus on the mission-critical and challenging tasks of their project, instead of writing boring and time-consuming boilerplate code,” he continues.

Composer Pro has introduced a wide array of new features, including Excel-like formula functions for the visual development of data transformations and algorithms, a cross-platform debugging tool, and a marketplace that allows the developer community to share their own open-source components.

“We understand that moving to a new paradigm of software development will create a lot of questions, so we put extra effort into making sure that the product teaches the key concepts equivalent to traditional software development methods. Every new feature we’ve added was built to manage complexities and abstractions more easily, without compromising any of the power of traditional coding. A fully visual development environment means we can provide you with a much better understanding of what's going on in your app and prevent errors proactively,” says Merituuli Melkko, Vice President of Engineering at AppGyver.

“People kept doubting that a visual tool could really achieve the power of expression required to build enterprise-grade applications. It’s taken us longer than expected, but we know now that we have something truly revolutionary. I know it will take a while to convert the die-hard fanatics, but we're encouraging people to try it and prove us wrong,” she continues.

Fingrid, a public enterprise responsible for the national high-voltage power grid in Finland, has been one of the early adopters of Composer Pro.

"We have a strong drive to increase the efficiency of our mobile workforce via purpose-built apps, but traditional coding takes a lot of time and resources, and requires highly skilled developers to be successful," says Marcus Stenstrand, Digitalization Manager at Fingrid.

"AppGyver has really helped us deliver mission-critical, complex apps in record time. We even had a junior intern use Composer for one summer to work on a few app concepts, with no real expectations on the outcome. In the end, he was able to create two full, production-grade apps that took minimal effort to make live," he continues.

Composer Pro is free forever to use for indie developers and small companies with under $10M annual revenue, while the enterprise offering, AppGyver Black, has a customized pricing plan with appropriate service-level agreements, premium support, and governance features. The company has also launched the first version of a component marketplace for Composer Pro that it plans on growing to become the first open-source community built around a visual development platform.

In addition to Fingrid, AppGyver’s enterprise portfolio includes companies such as DHL and Genelec. AppGyver was recently the recipient of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2019 Finland Award.

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