Stackery Secures AWS Lambda Ready Designation

April 30, 2020

Stackery has achieved the AWS Lambda Ready designation for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), which differentiates Stackery as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with a product integrating with AWS Lambda. It is generally available and fully supported for AWS customers.

Stackery helps enterprise teams design, develop, and deliver modern applications on AWS quickly, securely, and at scale without the overhead of managing complex infrastructure and operations. The platform is designed to allow teams to visualize architectures, accelerate development, and streamline how applications are deployed to testing, staging and production environments. The workflow ensures consistent security and governance, from development on a laptop and into production on AWS.

AWS Lambda Ready is part of the AWS Service Ready Program, which was established to help customers identify products integrated with AWS tooling so they can spend less time evaluating new tools. As an AWS Service Ready Partner, Stackery has demonstrated success integrating its products with AWS services, as well as by helping AWS customers evaluate and use their technology productively and at scale.

“Every enterprise we talk to is trying to figure out how to take the serverless success of one or two teams and scale it broadly. Stackery helps those organizations scale AWS serverless across teams,” said Tim Zonca, CEO of Stackery. “We’re honored to receive this designation and look forward to helping even more teams harness the speed and agility of serverless, while ensuring the security, governance, and consistency enterprises require for customer-facing applications.”

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