InstallAware X12 GA

June 10, 2020

InstallAware is the most flexible platform for traditional and agile development teams creating Windows and Azure software installers, as well as MSIX, APPX, Microsoft App-V Virtualization, agentless/royalty-free InstallAware Virtualization packages, and decentralized setups.

InstallAware X12 is the now the first and only setup platform with a decentralized, peer to peer payment system, integrated at install time. Setups built with InstallAware may now automatically award royalties to their developers when purchases are made securely and discreetly within the setup wizard, using the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency. Using InstallAware’s Smart Contract authored in Solidity, funds are instantly transferred to the developer’s wallet, directly from the end-user wallet, without third-party trust.

Re-installations are a breeze for past purchases, as they are instantly looked up on the ETH blockchain. First time purchases themselves are processed in fifteen seconds or less, competitive with the processing speeds involved with most traditional banking systems, such as that of many major credit cards.

The entire process happens directly on end-user Desktops, without ever launching a separate web browser, or requiring bulky application frameworks such as Electron. InstallAware setups, being fully light-weight and self-contained, have always run on all Windows versions without any brittle runtime dependencies; this flexibility and independence is now in the service of the decentralized, global blockchain payment system.

InstallAware X12 also empowers globally distributed development, with support for Microsoft Azure DevOps, featuring a brand-new Team Project Explorer; which is of critical import in these times of global uncertainty, and a transition to “work from home” ethos for most corporations worldwide.

InstallAware X12 also beefs up security for payloads it downloads on demand at install time. Referred to as “Web Media Blocks”, these bits are now all securely code signed with Microsoft Authenticode technology. As they are downloaded from decentralized Torrent files/Magnet links (or traditional web servers, corporate networks, or even the FTP protocol), these bits are then verified to have been signed by the original setup author (re-signing by a malicious actor using a different certificate than the one originally used is detected successfully). Where this verification fails, setup automatically moves to the next redundant download source, without even requiring manual intervention by the end-user. This is yet another benefit automatically enjoyed by all InstallAware setups, in addition to its self-contained engine.

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