Progress Fiddler Everywhere GA

October 1, 2020

Progress Fiddler Everywhere is the new release of the popular web debugging proxy tool used by four million developers and hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. With Fiddler Everywhere, developers get not only features of Fiddler Classic, but they can now build, debug and maintain APIs of mission-critical applications in Windows, macOS and Linux environments.

Powerful yet easy to use, Fiddler Everywhere enables organizations to capture all HTTP(S) traffic between a computer and the internet from any browser and on any device. With its rich functionality including network session analysis, debugging in production and capturing web traffic logs, developers can trace and solve HTTP(S) issues and conduct performance evaluations. They can easily simulate external requests and responses without changing the code of the website or the mobile app.

With today’s release, Fiddler Everywhere introduces a new user interface, making developer tasks simple and intuitive. It offers new team collaboration capabilities for quick analysis, communication and resolution. Developers can seamlessly save, comment on and share sessions without the need to manually export them. They can also share their API collections with others to test and use them.

In addition to Fiddler Everywhere, the Fiddler product line now includes:

Fiddler™ Classic—the original Fiddler web debugging Windows tool for traffic inspection and modification

FiddlerCore™—a .NET library that enables developers to capture and modify HTTP and HTTPS traffic

Fiddler™ Cap—a lightweight companion tool to capture web traffic from end-users or customer environments

Fiddler™ Jam—a solution for support and development teams to troubleshoot customer issues quickly, easily and securely

“Developers need to build an ever-increasing number of applications and APIs and ensure they all work seamlessly,” said Loren Jarrett, GM, Developer Tools Business, Progress. “To enable that, we embarked on a journey to reinvent Fiddler—the most popular technology for capturing and debugging all the HTTP(S) traffic that flows between applications and APIs. With this release, we are expanding Fiddler from an individual productivity tool to an ecosystem of products that significantly improve the collaboration of teams in building, debugging and maintaining all of their applications and APIs.”

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