Instana Pumps Up PHP & Python Apps

October 23, 2020

Instana released its always-on profiling for production PHP and Python applications. With the addition of this production profiling support, Instana becomes the first APM solution to provide automatic continuous production profiling of Java, GoLang, Python and PHP with a common interface and correlated with production application monitoring and tracing for better analysis.

This latest language support builds on Instana’s integration of technology acquired from the company’s acquisition of StackImpact last year. It marks the third release of integrated product from the two solutions in 2020. Instana APM customers get unlimited use of production profiling, with no additional charges. Enabling the capabilities simply requires a change to the Instana configuration file. No application re-starts are required to turn profiling on or off.

“The complexity of cloud-native microservice applications is related to the polyglot of application languages being used,” said Chris Farrell, APM and Observability Strategist at Instana. “Instana automatically captures profiles of Python and PHP processes so that dev teams have the data they need to optimize application performance and solve code issues quickly.”

Instana’s production profiling solution differs from other profiling tools in that it is always on, designed and built with such low overhead that it always captures profiles on every production process. Those profiles are correlated with other Instana metrics, including application service levels, traces of all individual requests and full-stack infrastructure metrics. The company’s Unbounded Analytics™ engine allows users to dive into any layer to quickly identify, isolate and fix problems when they occur.

Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform, powered by automated Application Performance Monitoring, discovers and maps all services, infrastructure and their inter-dependencies automatically. Instana ingests all observability metrics, traces each request, profiles every process and updates application dependency maps in real time to deliver the context and actionable feedback needed by Dev+Ops to optimize application performance, enable innovation and mitigate risk to help them add value and efficiency to the pipeline.

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