Kognos Integrates XDR with VMware Carbon Black

September 28, 2020

Kognos has developed interoperability with VMware Carbon Black to enable alert triage, investigation and response in real time for mutual customers.

Founded on the principle that attacker behavior is indicative of attack methodology, attribution, and data for exfiltration, Kognos leverages the power of relationships using security aware AI to fundamentally reduce dwell time by tracing the attacker's path in real-time. Kognos uniquely understands the importance of identifying attack campaign directionality, blast radius and, most importantly, intent. Through integrating existing investments with API-based adaptors across EDR, NDR, IAM and SIEM, the Kognos platform ingests alert data to determine which behaviors are most critical to address.

"As security and IT teams refocus defenses, VMware Carbon Black's robust XDR data and outputs paired with the Kognos ability to ingest data to visually capture attack campaigns will help our mutual customers trace the steps of the adversary and respond in real-time," said Brendan Hogan, Senior Director, Business Development, VMware Carbon Black. "As we continue to expand the power of our partner ecosystem, this work will enable customers to start building a future ready security operations center, equipped with comprehensive XDR solutions."

Enterprises are looking to automate investigations by extending search capabilities across their environment into more user, network, workload, and application telemetry. Together, VMware Carbon Black and Kognos will allow enterprises to extend their XDR strategy, primarily focused on collecting telemetry from various VMware products such as NSX Service-defined Firewall, Workspace ONE and vSphere, to the evolving heterogeneous environments outfitted with a variety of inputs. In addition, Kognos integrates with Carbon Black Cloud and applies cross domain autonomous XDR analytics allowing mutual customers to streamline the Security Operations Center (SOC) and prioritize high impact alerts.

"The interoperability with VMware Carbon Black shows the real power of the Kognos platform, as it can easily ingest data from the company's XDR to visualize the attack campaign and allows the enterprise to detect, investigate, and respond to the event," said Rakesh Nair, Co-Founder and CEO of Kognos.

The Kognos board and advisors is outfitted with the most innovative executives in the cybersecurity industry, including Tim Eades, CEO of vArmour, Mike Viscuso, Co-Founder and former CTO of Carbon Black, Joram Borenstein GM, Cybersecurity Solutions, Microsoft, and Joe Eandi, Co-Founder and former CEO, BrightPoint Security.

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