Digitalware Epiphany Intelligence Platform GA

October 23, 2020

Digitalware's Epiphany Intelligence Platform is a risk hunting engine that provides security teams the ability to identify, prioritize, and reduce technical risks in context with overall business impacts, before an attack occurs.

The Epiphany Intelligence Platform uses adversarial modeling and countermeasure analysis to enable security analysts to determine the likelihood of a cyberattack or breach. The risk hunting process identifies ways adversaries can exploit an environment and quantifies the potential consequences to critical business processes, costs, and revenue.

"Digitalware started as a cybersecurity services company operating as a plug-and-play security team across financial services, government, healthcare, and other industries," said Dan Singer, CEO of Digitalware. "In this role, we quickly realized one fundamental flaw within the existing security stack – the inability to understand an organization's overall cyber risk and how that risk would impact the business. With the launch of Epiphany, security teams can quickly assess risk with quantifiable data, understand business impacts, and focus resources on targeted remediation."

As an agentless data ingestion and context correlation engine, Epiphany overlays existing security and network management tools, automatically ingesting data from dozens of sources.

Key Benefits:

Comprehensive identification of technical anomalies: Technical risks are quantified in context with the true operational impacts.

Optimization of existing security stack: The platform reveals which existing tools are effective, to guide decisions on consolidation and realignment.

Greater IT productivity and effectiveness: IT and security teams can now focus on mitigating the most important risks, reducing the need for costly outside consultants.

Consistent reporting infrastructure: Epiphany provides a common, risk-focused platform for all organizational stakeholders—including InfoSec, IT, audit, and the C-suite. The platform uses impact visualizations and quantifiable data to guide both tactical and strategic decisions.

"The threat landscape never ceases to expand and to mutate, making it impossible for enterprises to address every threat in real time. Prioritization thus becomes a necessity, which in turn makes it essential to quantify each risk as it is detected. Cyber risk quantification (CRQ) is an emerging sector, in which Digitalware's approach, combining delivery as a service and an ability to speak both to technical (IT and security) and non-technical (C-level execs) audiences, makes it a serious candidate to underpin SecOps activities going forward," said Rik Turner, Principal Analyst at Omdia.

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