Enso Security Raises $6M for Application Security Posture Management

October 29, 2020

Enso Security secures $6 million in seed funding led by YL Ventures with participation from Jump Capital and security leaders including Alex Rice (Co-founder and CTO at HackerOne); Sounil Yu (former Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America); founders of Luminate (acquired by Symantec); Omkhar Arasaratnam (former Executive Director, Head of Data Protection Technology at JPMorgan Chase) and toDay Ventures. Founded by former application security experts Roy Erlich (CEO), Chen Gour Arie (CPO) and Barak Tawily (CTO), Enso’s platform is designed to be the inventory of record for all things AppSec, enabling teams to manage application security at scale with an unprecedented automated and standardized program.

Enterprise security teams find themselves ill-equipped to confront mounting and inherent AppSec vulnerabilities. “R&D departments across enterprises are introducing new applications and pushing updates to existing ones faster than ever,” said Joshua Danielson, Chief Information Security Officer at Copart. “This means incredible things for enterprises but also creates a great deal of technical debt for application security teams who are struggling to track applications in their environments, identify owners, measure risks, prioritize tasks, and enforce a uniform security strategy across all applications.”

Developers write nearly two billion lines of code per week that must account for a complex array of compliance policies and regulations. To succeed, many AppSec teams are looking for solutions that can provide visibility and coordinate the tools, people and processes involved in application development without interfering with developer workloads. According to Gartner’s ‘Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2020’ report, “many organizations struggle to maintain an inventory of APIs and need help to locate them and ensure they are tested and managed.”

Application security remains a largely untapped market that has forced cybersecurity professionals to carry out immensely time and resource-intensive mitigation manually. Moreover, significant delays in application clearance due to technical debt have led to the rise of shadow applications that pose even greater risk by remaining unknown to security stakeholders.

Inspired by their own experience, Enso Security’s founders have created a platform to provide the key application security capabilities they wished for as AppSec professionals. Leveraging data from existing tools, the platform offers complete visibility across every application developed in an enterprise environment, granular analytic application security controls and a scalable program that is suitable for both nascent and mature AppSec teams.

“We’ve lived the chaos of enterprise application security firsthand, taking inventory blind and clashing with production deadlines. It isn’t sustainable, which is why we built a toolbox that is easy to deploy and can streamline the AppSec process to improve organization-wide security,” says Enso Security CEO and Co-founder Roy Erlich. “AppSec shouldn’t have to be stressful or adversarial. Enso aligns AppSec with the development process—without making security an obstacle.”

Enso is the first Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform to create comprehensive application inventories and implement dedicated workflows to manage risk-reduction in development. Its key features include:

A single pane of glass for AppSec teams to discover applications, identify owners, detect changes, and capture security posture in a unified, user-friendly view.

Data-driven task prioritization and tracking by leveraging data from existing R&D facilities and security tools.
Continuous AppSec optimization with real-time performance feedback on AppSec activities, contractors, developers and security tools.

Custom queries for insight on any application based on its data attributes.

“Roy, Chen and Barak have come up with a very elegant solution to a notoriously complex problem-space. Because they cut straight to visibility—the true heart of this issue—cybersecurity professionals can finally see and manage all of the applications in their environments. This will have an extraordinary impact on the rate of application rollout and enterprise productivity,” said Ofer Schreiber, Partner at YL Ventures.

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