Rackspace Technology Intros Enhanced IoT Capabilities

October 27, 2020

Rackspace introduced a new Internet of Things (IoT) professional services capabilities aimed at helping customers across all stages of their IoT journey.

The company’s enhanced IoT capabilities will enable enterprises to develop competitive products, increase operational efficiency and create new revenue streams.

“With more than 25 billion connected devices expected to be in use by 2021, our customers are under constant pressure to bring solutions to market quickly,” said Tolga Tarhan, CTO, Rackspace Technology. “Our enhanced IoT services and capabilities enable enterprises to reduce the time and cost associated with piloting new initiatives, free up resources typically allocated to navigating complexities, and ultimately, speed up time to market.”

By leveraging the connectivity, storage application, and analytics capabilities provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace Technology helps customers quickly build IoT solutions tailored to unique use cases.

Rackspace Technology IoT Services include the following:

IoT Accelerator: The Rackspace Technology IoT Accelerator is designed for customers who are just getting started with IoT. This 5-day assessment is led by a team of IoT experts who evaluate IoT use cases and provide recommendations for pilot solutions, including a backlog, roadmap, and cost estimate for hardware, firmware, and cloud architecture.

IoT Production Solutions: Rackspace Technology experts design and develop tailored, scalable solutions for customers leveraging IoT device hardware, platform, and analytics.

IoT Platform Modernization: This service is designed for customers with devices in the field who want to re-platform their IoT platform to take advantage of cloud native technologies.

IoT Rapid Prototyping Board: This service enables customers to rapidly create pilot solutions on day 1, while providing them with an accelerated pathway for production solutions.

IoT Cloud: This service is built on cloud native principles and leverages services like AWS IoT Core, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon DynamoDB. Combined with the Rapid Prototyping Board, this service enables customers to fast-track solution design, development, and deployment, helping accelerate their IoT journey from years to months.

Ultimately, the outcome for customers is to have an accelerated pathway to production by leveraging our expertise in custom hardware, firmware and cloud native platforms powered by AWS. From serverless fleet tracking applications to smart consumer products, we’ve helped customers across various industries increase operational efficiency and enter new markets.

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