Logistics Industry Scrambles To Work Remotely

March 25, 2020

AscendTMS is seeing a huge spike in new TMS subscriptions as fleet carriers, brokers, 3PL’s and shippers quickly move to a “work from home” environment in order to protect their staff as official COVID-19 infections exploded this week.

Chris Parker, COO at AscendTMS, said; “The rush by logistics companies to have their staff work from home has caused AscendTMS subscriptions to explode this month. It looks like the recent government mandates are being heeded as more and more companies are being forced to let their logistics teams working from home to avoid possible Coronavirus infection from community spread. We’re encouraging all logistics companies and shippers to follow their lead – and so we are providing AscendTMS at no cost to any company needing help for 30 days.”

Carriers, brokers, 3PL’s and shippers all use the AscendTMS’ suite of world class TMS software to better manage their entire logistics and fleet management operations. It’s the only pure cloud TMS solution on the market that handles the full needs of fleet carriers, brokers, 3PL’s and shippers in one unified platform, and providers a “free
forever” tier for every user.

Tim Higham, CEO at AscendTMS, stated; “This isn’t a drill. Your team wants to – and needs to – work from home. They can better avoid a COVID-19 infection and look after their own families if they can work remotely. No other TMS platform will get them up and running as fast as AscendTMS will, which typically takes about 5 minutes to get them started. All they need is an Internet connection. That’s it”.

Even companies currently using older legacy TMS software are rushing to use AscendTMS to get their remote workers up and running fast – because their legacy TMS software just isn’t well suited for rapid, or cost effective, remote deployment.

“We’ve literally added hundreds of brand new AscendTMS customers in March that are scrambling to move staff to work remotely as fast as they can. Running AscendTMS for their remote workers – even if they are using another core legacy TMS – gets them productive in a matter of hours for little to no cost.” Higham said.

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