Rickenbacker Airport Has Record-Breaking June Cargo Volume

July 30, 2020

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) reported at its July 28 Board meeting that Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) broke previously held records for international cargo in June, reflecting the airport’s unique ability to shif t gears in response to pandemic needs.

In June, Rickenbacker eclipsed all-time records for both international f reighter arrivals and international tonnage offload:

• 120 international arrivals, surpassing previous record of 109 in November 2018

• 9,123 metric tons (20,267,267 lbs.) of international tonnage offload, surpassing previous record of 7,251 metric tons (15,986,948 lbs.) in November of 2018

The surge is almost entirely attributable to air cargo charters bringing in personal protective equipment (PPE) and other pandemic supplies for regional distribution. While the spike is not indicative of long-term trends, it speaks volumes about the airport’s ability to adapt and innovate.

“During this time of extreme supply chain disruption, Rickenbacker has proven to be an asset for the Columbus Region and the nation, serving as an ef ficient connection point to and f rom the U.S. market,” said Joseph R. Nardone, President & CEO for CRAA. “As one of the world’s only cargodedicated airports, Rickenbacker is demonstrating the advantage of doing business with a flexible and nimble team when time is of the essence. What takes other airports days, takes us hours.”

A notable innovation in aviation also contributed to June’s increased activity. Rickenbacker Aviation, the airport’s fixed-based operation, partnered with Emirates SkyCargo and f reight forwarder EFL to handle the Boeing 777-300ER. The passenger aircraft is now serving in a critical cargo-carrying role as the pandemic-induced shortage of air f reight capacity continues. Rickenbacker is one of the only non-passenger hub airports in the world to see a significant number of these type of flights.

“The success of this program highlights our partnership with industry and our ability to quickly innovate to meet challenges with our air f reight partners,” said Nardone. “Particularly during this uncertain time, these successful partnerships demonstrate the resilience of our air freight community at Rickenbacker, and our continued focus and drive to be an industry-leading f reight hub.”

Strategically located within a 10-hour drive of half the US and a third of Canadian populations, Rickenbacker offers a geographic advantage for shippers and distributors, quickly and reliably moving goods through North America. With a highly developed logistics community, one of the world’s highest rated foreign-trade zones, and superior speed and service, Rickenbacker has been a valued partner in connecting the healthcare industry with critically needed medical supplies throughout the pandemic.

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