Israeli Defense Ministry Thwarts Lazarus Cyber Attack Against Defense Industries in Israel

August 13, 2020

The Israeli Commissioner for Defense in the Defense System (MLMB), in cooperation with other bodies in the defense community, thwarted a cyber attack against leading defense industries in the State of Israel.

The investigation of the affair shows that the attempted attack was allegedly carried out by an international cyber system known as "Lazarus", which is backed by a foreign country. Members of the lineup used various techniques of "social engineering" and impersonation. They built fake profiles on the LinkedIn network, which is mainly used for job searches in the high-tech worlds.

The attackers impersonated managers, senior human resources departments and representatives of international companies and approached leading defense industry workers in Israel in an attempt to develop a dialogue with them and entice them with various job offers.

In the process of submitting the job offers, the attackers tried to infect the computers of Israeli industry workers and infiltrate the companies' networks in order to gather sensitive security information. For the purpose of the attack, the attackers even used legitimate websites of other companies and industries without their knowledge.

Attempted attacks were identified in real time and thwarted by the Ministry of Defense's technological unit in the Ministry of Defense and by the defense industries' cyber defense systems, without causing any damage. the security.

The Israeli Commissioner for Security in the Defense System (MLMB) is acting and will continue to act with the aim of thwarting attempts to infiltrate the computer networks of the defense industries and undermining the technological superiority of the State of Israel.

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