Evilnum's PyVil RAT Hits European Banking Sector

September 4, 2020

Cybereason unveiled new research from its Nocturnus Research team, titled No Rest for the Wicked: EvilNum Unleashes PyVil RAT. The research details a new targeted and widespread threat against UK and European Union financial technology companies by the EvilNum APT Group. Cybereason researchers also discovered PvVil, a new Python-scripted Remote Access Trojan (RAT), being deployed to steal passwords, documents, browser cookies and email credentials.

Nocturnus discovered EvilNum using several new tricks to deploy the PvVil RAT malware, including a significant deviation from previously observed tools, from the infection chain through persistence and infrastructure, including:

Modified versions of legitimate executables employed in an attempt to remain undetected by security tools.

Infection chain shift from a JavaScript Trojan with backdoor capabilities to a multi-process delivery procedure of the payload.

The new Python-scripted RAT dubbed PyVil RAT was compiled with py2exe, which has the capability to download new modules to expand functionality.

“The EvilNum group is continuing the time-tested infection method of using phishing emails to infect enterprises. Enterprises need to constantly evolve their security stack to enable easier discovery and remediation of threats. The employees of enterprises shouldn't open email attachments from unknown sources and should avoid downloading information from dubious websites,” said Tom Fakterman, Threat Researcher, Cybereason.

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