Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface cf CLI v7 Debuts

June 24, 2020

The Cloud Foundry Foundation released version 7 of the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI v7).

The cf CLI v7 unlocks new application development workflows for users who require granular control of their applications and supports advanced deployment strategies by utilizing the Cloud Foundry v3 APIs. Both the new CLI tool and the v3 APIs enable unique workflows by exposing package, droplet, build, and process control resources. The new version of the CLI and APIs also introduces new resources such as sidecars, manifests, and deployments.

“The cf CLI v7 was made possible through the tremendous work of a diverse, distributed group of collaborators and committers,” said Josh Collins, Cloud Foundry CLI project lead and senior product manager, VMware. “Modern development techniques are much simpler with Cloud Foundry as a result of the new CLI, which abstracts away the nuances of the CF API into a command-line interface that’s easy and elegant to use.”

Some key features available through the cf CLI v7 are:

Rolling App Deployments: Push updates to apps without incurring downtime.

Running cf push Sub-Step Commands: Exercise granular control over the cf push process. These commands break down the cf push process into sub-steps that can run independently.

Pushing an App with Multiple Processes: Use a single command to push apps that run multiple processes. One example is a web app that has a UI process and a worker process.

Pushing Apps with Sidecar Processes: Run additional processes in the same container as your app.

Using Metadata: Add metadata to objects such as spaces and apps. This can help with operating, monitoring, and auditing.

“With the cf CLI v7 in their pocket, the Cloud Foundry community is providing developers with powerful new capabilities and is prepared to continue to advance the state of the art for developer productivity as features from the Kubernetes ecosystem are integrated into the platform,” said Chip Childers, executive director, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “Cloud Foundry has always been about empowering developers and that spirit is reflected in this new CLI, where we focus on simplifying advanced development methodologies for the community.”

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