Codefresh Runner Debuts

July 20, 2020

Codefresh Runner is a flexible solution that allows engineers to selectively run pipelines on their own Kubernetes clusters no matter where they are: behind a firewall, on the desktop, or the virtual private cloud.

DevOps teams commonly spend enormous amounts of time managing CI/CD build infrastructure. Between upgrades, user requests, managing capacity and dealing with pipelines breaking, engineering teams are often held back with self-hosted pipelines. Now instead of relying on aging software on inadequate infrastructure, users can install Codefresh Runner on their Kubernetes clusters.

Codefresh Runner allows users to run all builds, do deployments, or access secure resources behind the firewall without needing to maintain the entire stack of CI/CD infrastructure. This is achieved by taking advantage of Kubernetes primitives to make fast builds with virtually no maintenance.

The Codefresh Runner manages itself, self-updates, and runs behind the firewall. Secure resources like artifacts and code never exits the network. The Runner connects to a service mesh – a way of managing multiple runners and setting configurations – but does not require any open firewall ports going in.

Customer deployments confirm that moving from traditional self-managed CI/CD to the Kubernetes-native Codefresh Runner results in considerable savings, typically 85% of overall maintenance costs that can run hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

“Enterprises often require self-managed software because they want their source code, sensitive data, corporate IP, and artifacts to stay on their network. Codefresh Runner meets those requirements, running on-prem, on your own cloud, your machines, your data center, your virtual private cloud,” said Dan Garfield, Chief Technology Evangelist. “Best of all, the Runner self-updates and does not require management overhead like traditional software, making it possible for engineers to focus their time on things that are more valuable than software maintenance, like productivity and improving uptime,”

Codefresh’s CI/CD platform provides automation for building, testing and deploying modern applications using Kubernetes, serverless and more. Development teams often see 24x faster engineering cycles when using Codefresh.

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