Pinpoint Touts New Workspace Features

October 1, 2020

Pinpoint is offering new functionality to address the specific day-to-day needs of developers and foster long term career growth. Now, no matter whether developers are working as part of a team or independently, they can leverage Pinpoint’s AI-driven features to both streamline daily work and engage with the larger developer community.

The new User Dashboard gives developers a personalized view of their work priorities and schedule for the day, and the Pinpoint Profile allows them to highlight their personal achievements, engage with other engineers and build a strong community outside of their team environment.

“We’re already helping teams work better together – now we want to make sure individual developers have what they need to do their jobs and improve their craft. When a developer opens Pinpoint they get a personalized, curated experience based on their own work and schedule. It’s everything they need that day to be as productive as possible,” says Pinpoint CEO, Jeff Haynie. “And while coding happens at an individual level, careers aren’t built in a vacuum. We’re opening up new ways for devs to highlight their own work and access personalized content recommendations from the Pinpoint community we’re building.”

The User Dashboard is a new daily view that extends Pinpoint’s automated agile ceremonies and team tools. The Dashboard acts as a home base, helping developers navigate their day. In the dashboard, Pinpoint users can see their personal work priorities and meetings – if they’re working on a team, those priorities shift based on collaborative team activity, needs, issues and code activity.

The User Dashboard lays out:

Outstanding issues, PRs and blockers

Issues reported

What to work on next

Today and tomorrow’s calendar

Within the Dashboard, Pinpoint is introducing Recommended Content – an AI-driven feed that curates content from blogs, podcasts, and other media. Recommendations are based on developers’ favorite sites, interests and what they’re currently working on (from learning specific programming languages to building certain types of apps, or working with different technology). Like a smart, simple, built-in RSS feed, Recommended Content saves time scrolling through less-relevant news, and helps developers build new skills and spark discussion with others working on similar challenges.

The Pinpoint Profile is uniquely designed to showcase and share the work of an engineer, unlike existing social networks which are simply a readout of job titles. It pulls together historical career and work activity across a developer’s projects and companies into a smart resume that they can easily share. The Profile enables developers to act as community advocates and build expertise in their field.

"The Pinpoint Profile allows developers to showcase their interests and accomplishments both within the software community and beyond. The best part is that it’s portable, so it can be embedded anywhere, following you from job to job and updating as your skills evolve," says Keegan Donley, Software Engineer at Pinpoint.

This launch builds on the work Pinpoint has done to streamline and improve the developer team experience with AI and innovative features.

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