Exadel QA Automation Practice Debuts

October 14, 2020

Exadel has begun a QA Automation (QAA) Practice which was created to help clients work industry-standard QA Automation into their development processes to save time, money, and resources, while improving the quality of their software. The QA Automation Practice is part of a broader initiative from Exadel to offer direct solutions to customer needs, freeing them up to spend more time and energy focusing on their ultimate business goals.

The Exadel QA Automation Practice offers the following services and solutions:

QA Consulting: the Exadel QA consulting team analyzes clients' current QA systems, where and how they are using QAA and then designs and builds QAA processes from scratch, providing recommendations on tools, coverage, and team composition to ensure that they benefit from QA Automation integration for the entire lifecycle of their products.

QA Services: The Exadel QAA practice can provide a range of specific testing services to clients using a solution model, a partnership model or a staff augmentation model of engagement. Exadel takes a test-first approach to QAA. Exadel brings expertise in a range of testing methodologies including unit testing, integration testing, API testing, GUI end-to-end testing, performance testing and non-functional testing practices. No matter the system, architecture or device, Exadel's QAA experts can quickly add quality to every step of the development process.

QA Automation Frameworks: with years of experience working in QAA, Exadel has combined the industry's standard best practices into two frameworks:

Gherkin-based Component Testing Framework for End-to-End Automation: In this framework, Manual QAs use Gherkin-based predefined steps and can send requests for additional keyword (step definition) to verify functionality without coding. This maximizes teams by turning Manual QAs into Automation QAs.

Web-based Component Testing Framework for End-to-End Testing: With this framework, Manual QAs can prepare a combination of test data (according to requirements) with no prior coding experience, while Automation QA engineers can add test methods for the Manual QA team to execute.

"Quality is what differentiates leaders from bystanders but is also one of the most challenging tasks to achieve consistently as a software company," said Lev Shur, president of Exadel Solutions. "With the Exadel QA Automation Practice, customers can offload their most challenging QA problems onto us. QA Automation is not just an add-on—when done correctly it's an integral part of the development process from ideation to delivery. We're proud to offer robust services around QA and will continue to evolve this Practice as digital transformation becomes more complex."

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