Progress Kendo UI Native Components for Angular, React, Vue and jQuery GA

January 22, 2021

Progress Kendo UI is a complete collection of JavaScript UI components. Today’s release includes more than 24 new UI components across all Kendo UI libraries, support for Angular 11 and React 17 as well as major enhancements for some of its most popular components.

Kendo UI is the ultimate collection of JavaScript UI components with native libraries for the widely used frameworks—Angular, React, Vue and jQuery. Kendo UI enables developers to quickly build eye-catching, high-performance, responsive web applications and to effortlessly deploy a consistent look and feel, using rich styling options and customizable themes.

New to Kendo UI® JavaScript component libraries:

Kendo UI® for Angular: With a number of new components available including DropDownTree, MultiColumnComboBox, TileLayout, FloatingActionButton and more, Kendo UI for Angular brings to market support for Angular 11 and unprecedented levels of simplicity, consistency and customization capabilities.

KendoReact™: KendoReact is the only UI library React developers need to speed business app development. This release includes new components, such as TileLayout, DropDownTree, MultiColumnComboBox, FloatingActionButton, BottomNavigation, ListBox, Icon and SvgIcon, and feature improvements, including built-in keyboard navigation as well as user interface enhancements. KendoReact offered zero-day support for React 17.

Kendo UI® for Vue: The new release of Kendo UI for Vue, the most comprehensive commercial library of native Vue components on the market, provides a rich set of features and customizable functionality. It offers new native components, including MultiSelect, Window, TimePicker, DateTimePicker and Slider. The Grid provides keyboard navigation and a multi-select option on the column menu.

Kendo UI® for jQuery: Kendo UI for jQuery is the complete jQuery UI component library that enables developers to quickly build high-performance responsive web applications. The library has new components, including a FloatingActionButton, BottomNavigation, ExpansionPanel, RadioGroup, CheckboxGroup. New features enhancements include export capabilities, sorting, table alignment, keyboard navigation and more.
“We are extremely proud of the R1 2021 release of the Kendo UI product line as it brings to market a robust set of new components and many feature enhancements,” said Loren Jarrett, GM, Developer Tools Business, Progress. “Kendo UI continues to lead the market by providing smart solutions to challenging problems that let developers create high quality, modern, engaging applications faster than ever before.”

The R1 2021 release is available today.

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