LogDNA Intros Logging Usage Quotas

March 5, 2021

LogDNA Usage Quotas is a new feature that allows users to set daily or monthly limits on the volume of logs stored and gives them more granular control over their data. These enhancements are part of an increased effort to provide LogDNA users with the tools they need to control costs while ensuring that they have access to the data that’s important to them.

“As the adoption of microservices and containers has grown over the past decade, so has the volume of logs that people produce and consume,” said Tucker Callaway, CEO of LogDNA. “Development teams want to see all of their logs but budget owners need a way to predict and control the amount that they’re spending. Usage Quotas help admins better manage their cost while still giving users the tools they need to succeed.”

The new feature allows users to set a daily or monthly hard limit on the volume of logs stored to provide complete control over spend. For an added level of flexibility, admins can also set soft daily or monthly quotas. This creates throttling logic that will ensure mission-critical log data will continue to flow through LogDNA as usage volume approaches the limit threshold, and can even be configured so it continues even after that limit is reached. This allows teams to aim for a daily or monthly quota, and maintain flexibility to go over that limit while controlling overage spending.

"We are very happy with the enhanced level of predictability we have using the new Usage Quotas feature," said Mark Pimentel, cloud engineering lead at PlatformZero, Capco. "With this now in place, we have a greater level of control in how much log data is being passed through the LogDNA platform. Our developers can still get the data they need, and I won't be surprised by overage bills. It's a win-win for everyone."

No matter how you configure your usage limits, LogDNA will notify team members anytime a quota is hit, or when an exclusion rule is triggered due to reaching a daily or monthly quota. These alerts can be configured within LogDNA and include integrations to email and Slack. Logs that are not retained are not counted toward the user’s bill at the end of the month but are displayed in Live Tail and will trigger relevant Alerts.

LogDNA Usage Quotas are now available for LogDNA Enterprise customers.

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