Jscrambler Integrates with GitLab

March 16, 2021

Jscrambler is integrated with GitLab, the complete single application DevOps platform. This integration improves the user experience and security protocols for GitLab customers that are using Jscrambler to protect their JavaScript applications.

Now more than ever, security has a key role to play in DevOps. As application security shifts left, companies shouldn’t have to sacrifice security to keep up with the demanding market pace. Jscrambler’s integration with GitLab greatly facilitates the implementation of these security controls, by adding a new “protection” job into GitLab CI pipelines to automate the code protection process.

“As more and more companies move to Web stacks to provide an omnichannel experience, reduce development costs and shorten their SDLC, security can’t be left behind,” said Rui Ribeiro, CEO of Jscrambler. “Client-side attacks are on the rise, with attackers blindsiding companies by targeting their source code and other client-side weak links. Jscrambler’s integration with GitLab will allow development teams to seamlessly protect their source code and reduce their exposure to reverse-engineering, tampering, and data exfiltration attacks.”

By using this Jscrambler and GitLab integration, users are able to:

Protect source code seamlessly at build time;

Add runtime protection capabilities to the source code;

Instill threat detection mechanisms in the source code for improved monitoring capabilities in DevSecOps;

Reduce the attack surface to code theft, piracy, cheating, automated abuse, and data exfiltration.

“Source code protection has already proven to be an essential piece of the DevSecOps workflow but it needs to be a seamless process,” said Michelle Hodges, VP of Global Channels at GitLab. “Jscrambler has been leading this space so this partnership and integration was the natural step forward to standardize and automate this process and ensure that companies are releasing secure code.”

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