SaltStack Enterprise Certified with ServiceNow New York

January 06, 2020

SaltStack Enterprise is now certified with the ServiceNow New York release with an app now available in the ServiceNow Store. This ServiceNow-certified integration combines the strengths of the SaltStack and ServiceNow platforms for best-in-class closed-loop IT and security automation eliminating manual work, improving median time to repair (MTTR), and remediating critical security issues at any scale.

The SaltStack integration with ServiceNow bridges the gap between process and technology by empowering end users with self-service automation while simultaneously ensuring that least-privileged access and business rules remain in force. Users can run or request powerful SaltStack automation jobs directly from ServiceNow. System administrators can restrict access by user or group role, with the capacity to build each job into ServiceNow workflows for request, approval, testing, execution, and disposition.

"Our joint customers can now easily utilize the power of ServiceNow workflow automation integrated with SaltStack infrastructure automation for security and IT operations teams," said Alex Peay, SaltStack SVP of product. "We've received substantial customer demand for this integration and see notable value in the integration of both platforms to deliver more accessible and intuitive automation for IT and security operations teams."

The SaltStack integration with ServiceNow was delivered with the SaltStack Enterprise 6.1 release and uses a bi-directional API to surface SaltStack functionality and run SaltStack commands directly from the ServiceNow interface, allowing IT to provide end users such as departmental IT, support, and development teams with role-based access to powerful infrastructure automation. This combination reduces redundant support tickets and enables highly-skilled engineers to spend more time focusing on the work that moves business forward.

Key use cases for SaltStack integrated with ServiceNow include:

Cloud server provisioning and deployment

Continuous configuration automation

Compliance and security policy enforcement

Vulnerability detection and remediation

Centralized hybrid cloud control

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