F5 Silverline Shape Defense Debuts

July 9, 2020

F5 unveiled Silverline Shape Defense, a security solution that protects websites from the rising tide of fake internet traffic. With this new fully managed service, customers can better focus on their users and safeguard businesses against bots, credential stuffing, scraping, and other automated attacks that result in fraud and abuse—leading to compromised efficiency, loss of revenue, and damage to the brand.

Silverline Shape Defense uses artificial intelligence to accurately determine in real-time if an application request is from a human or a bot, and further differentiate between a bad actor and authorized individual. This approach stops bad traffic without introducing login friction for legitimate users. Businesses benefit from reduced online fraud losses, lowered operating costs, and an improved user experience. Silverline Shape Defense leverages the power of the entire Shape network which blocks over one billion application attacks a day.

With the launch of Silverline Shape Defense, customers can now protect their applications with an integrated, comprehensive set of fully managed security solutions that also include Silverline DDoS Protection, Silverline Web Application Firewall, and Silverline Threat Intelligence.

“The addition of Shape Defense on Silverline will allow our customers to protect their applications and digital initiatives against malicious cyberattacks without the overhead of a large security team, like those at a typical Fortune 500 company,” said Gail Coury, Silverline VP and GM at F5. “F5’s Silverline managed security services improve not only application security and performance but also bridge the resources gap of skilled cybersecurity professionals that are needed to address the latest cyber threats in real-time.”

Silverline Shape Defense helps organizations protect their applications quickly and easily.

The solution:

Can be deployed in 30 minutes or less, without advanced application security expertise

Determines if login attempts are being made by real users instead of bots

Is entirely seamless and transparent to real users

Features an easy-to-use admin interface that illuminates site traffic and how it is being protected

Offers an entirely cloud-based solution as a fully managed service: no hardware, nothing to install, and always up to date

F5 Silverline Managed Services deliver expert protection to businesses around the world, including the following benefits:

Comprehensive application security, including industry-leading anti-bot, WAF, and DDoS services from a single vendor

Simplified buying, deployment, and ongoing support, including 24x7 Security Operations Center resources

One integrated portal provides a single view for all Silverline services, including configuration proxy and routing, visibility into threat details, attack analytics, and actions taken by SOC experts

A global application security footprint, with F5 Silverline Managed Services local points of presence in geographies around the world

In January, F5 completed its acquisition of Shape Security to add protection from automated attacks, botnets, and targeted fraud to F5’s portfolio of application services. Silverline Shape Defense is the first deliverable in a long-term strategy to provide Shape services to organizations of all sizes and in various industries.


Silverline Shape Defense is now available.

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