IRI Enhances CellShield

August 10, 2010

Innovative Routines International released the next generation of its CellShield data masking software for the discovery, delivery, and deletion of sensitive data in MS Excel spreadsheets on-premise and in the cloud.
CellShield Version 2 features many user-requested upgrades, including the ability to protect UTF-8 data, sensitive formulas, and entire sheets at once. Additional searching, masking, and graphical auditing capabilities were also added to the CellShield Enterprise Edition.

IRI first introduced the CellShield Personal Edition (PE) in 2014 as an Excel add-in for PC users to easily select and protect personally identifiable information (PII) in cells, columns, or custom ranges with point-and-click encryption, redaction or pseudonymization functions. IRI later introduced the first Enterprise Edition (EE) to find and mask PII in multiple sheets on a network. EE automatically applies consistent masking functions to data classified as PII in IRI Workbench, and uses the same data classes and masking functions as other IRI ‘shield’ tools.

IRI developer Devon Kozenieski, a lead developer on the upgrade project, said he was “pleased to oversee so many innovations added into what was already a very ergonomic data-centric security tool for breach nullification and privacy law compliance.”

The new editions of CellShield deliver significant Excel-side feature upgrades to both editions, is offered at the same price as, and will be provided free to users of, Version 1.7. CellShield PE costs US $35/copy, and EE ranges between $3,500 and $35,000 when licensed standalone.

CellShield EE is also included in the IRI Voracity ETL and data management platform, which bundles: IRI FieldShield for masking data in flat files and structured DB columns; IRI DarkShield for masking data in MS Office and PDF documents, RDBs with unstructured columns, NoSQL DBs, semi- and unstructured text files, image files, and faces; IRI RowGen for synthesizing test data; IRI CoSort for transforming, cleansing, and reporting; and, IRI NextForm for migrating and replicating tables and files. All the above will also directly support .XLS and .XLSX file formats.

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