CargoChain, FileVision Launch CropWise

May 11, 2021

CargoChain started a partnership with global software solution provider, FileVision, to deliver CropWise: a blockchain-based solution that provides an immutable chain of custody from “seed to sale,” ensuring cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, distributors and retailers maintain compliance with state laws, while also providing assurance to consumers of the product’s authenticity and safety.

CropWise equips cultivators with a centralized hub to manage information from all sources and data models used for reporting and analytics to ensure compliance with both state and federal laws while optimizing processes, increasing yields and reducing costs. Producers can leverage CropWise to manage strains and harvesting processes to ensure quality control and manage day-to-day operations using a single, unified platform for end-to-end visibility across the supply chain.

“The US market for legal recreational and medical marijuana is expected to reach $45 billion by 2025, according to Marijuana Business Daily,” said Jonathan Colehower, CEO, CargoChain. “The entire industry is eager to improve product safety and ensure authenticity. CropWise is a seed-to-sale solution that will give consumers full confidence in a product’s authenticity by presenting immutable evidence of its chain-of-custody. Cultivators will use CropWise to improve internal security, operating efficiency and build strong brand awareness with retailers and consumers.”

CropWise strengthens consumer confidence in the cannabis industry by verifying:

Product origin

State and federal compliance

Seed quality

Proof of ownership

Cultivation and manufacturing processes

Location tracking

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