Gartner Recognizes Kovair DevOps Value Stream Management Platform

January 27, 2021

Kovair Software has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in Value Stream Management Platforms by Gartner in their recent Market Guide for DevOps Value Stream Management Platforms.

The adoption of value stream management platforms is especially needed in DevOps environments. According to Gartner, “Organizations lack end-to-end visibility into product delivery and struggle to improve their flow of value. I&O leaders, together with application leaders, must implement a DevOps value stream management platform and analyze value stream metrics to optimize the overall health of product delivery.”

“We feel that being recognized in Gartner’s report: Market Guide for DevOps Value Stream Management Platforms, is a testament to what we are building here at Kovair, and the value we bring to our customers,” stated Bipin Shah, Chairman and CEO of Kovair Software.

“To compete in today’s constantly changing landscape, with 5G, Edge Computing, IoT, with Digital Transformation, it’s increasingly vital for organizations to focus on driving successful outcomes and increasing business value. CIOs and Software Architects on DevOps and DevSecOps projects should explore Kovair’s DevOps solutions, and Kovair’s Enterprise iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) Omnibus, all supporting Kovair’s VSMP solutions. Kovair’s newest solutions additionally supports complete workflow automation, security vulnerability assessments, product lifecycle management, and process compliance all seamlessly integrated, with VSMP functions,” stated Akshay Sharma, CTO, Kovair Software.”

According to the report, “Gartner recommends that product and platform teams use VSMPs to:

Provide end-to-end visibility and insight into their product delivery.

Assess the performance, quality and value of their products, including development costs and ROI.

Evaluate the maturity of their existing product delivery capabilities and identify constraints to flow and gaps in insights for stakeholders.

Provide customized dashboards and views of product delivery for other stakeholders and leadership.

Gain a consolidated view of governance, security and compliance across all product lines.

Leverage advanced capabilities, such as change risk analytics, to make more informed decisions about releasing new features”

“We believe that, with the VSM platform from Kovair, organizations will not only have a complete visibility of the flow metrics for every project/release but also will have a complete visibility to the triple constraints - Cost, Time & Resources of the entire portfolio. In this competitive market, Kovair’s VSM Platform will provide sufficient insight to organizations for ensuring customer happiness through delivery of proper values,” stated Amit Dasgupta, Director Major Accounts & Partnerships, Kovair Software.

Kovair with its tools provides a complete Value Stream Management Platform to organizations enabling them to reap every benefit of Value Stream Management and ensure customer satisfaction. Starting from capturing the voice of the customer and defining what is of value for them, Kovair’s VSMP provides a structured visualization of the key steps and corresponding data needed to understand and intelligently make improvements that optimize the entire process, not just one section at the expense of another.

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