Linkerd Steering Committee Debuts

February 1, 2021

The maintainers of Linkerd created the Linkerd Steering Committee. The committee will expand Linkerd's stewardship to its end user community, reinforcing the project's commitment to open governance and a user-centered roadmap. The first steering committee meeting will be in February and is open to everyone.

The creation of the Linkerd Steering Committee has been driven by the continued rapid growth of Linkerd. Over the past years adoption has soared, expanding to include large organizations like Microsoft, H-E-B, EverQuote, and HP as well as fast-moving startups like finleap connect, Subspace, and Clover Health. By formally representing the voice of the Linkerd user community, the steering committee will play a vital role in gathering, collating, and prioritizing feedback from users to ensure Linkerd's roadmap continues to focus on solving concrete, immediate problems for current and future adopters.

"Linkerd is a unique service mesh. In a space that's very prone to hype cycles and marketing-driven development, we've always put our users first," said William Morgan, CEO of Buoyant, the creator of Linkerd. "The Linkerd Steering Committee extends this same philosophy, and will help us ensure that the needs of Linkerd adoptersówho trust Linkerd to power mission-critical systems around the worldówill continue to be at the utmost center of Linkerd's evolution."

Members of the Linkerd Steering Committee members are required to be current production users of Linkerd, and will be selected for, among other factors, significant operational experience with the project. Initial committee members include Chris Campbell, Cloud Platform Architect, HP; Christian HŁning, Director of Cloud Technologies, finleap connect; Justin Turner, Director of Engineering, H-E-B; and Wiliam King, CTO and Co-founder, Subspace.

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