Sumo Organizations GA

May 5, 2021

Sumo Organizations is a new multi-account management solution that enables managed service providers (MSPs), managed security service providers (MSSPs), and managed detection and response (MDRs) providers to increase visibility and control of observability and security intelligence across their managed operations, departments and teams. Sumo Organizations is the first DevOps and security multi-tenant solution that enables MSPs and customers to monitor and manage operational and security intelligence, at scale, across multiple customer accounts. The solution also allows teams to easily gain visibility and troubleshoot application issues and security risks across their entire business while centralizing control, budgets and simplifying new customer deployments.

A Modern Approach for MSPs, MSSPs and MDRs
According to the latest industry figures, managed service providers will generate upwards of $120 billion in revenue by 2023, approximately 13 percent of the total information technology market. Sumo Organizations is a modern approach for MSPs, MSSPs, and MDRs to centrally manage multiple customer deployments utilizing the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™ and Cloud SIEM. Sumo Organizations allows managed service providers such as Ackcent, eSentire, Expel, GM Sectec, Zyston, and others to achieve increased operational visibility, management, and cost controls for enterprise security and operations teams, while providing secure and easy access to all customer environments from a single management interface.

“As the Authority in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, we are on a mission to disrupt threats before they impact critical data, applications and business operations,” said Kerry Bailey, CEO of eSentire. “Our best of breed partner ecosystem helps us deliver highly adaptive security services that scale with business and data growth. We are very excited about Sumo Organizations because it makes seamless self-service provisioning across multiple deployments possible for our team, providing an unprecedented level of transparency, enhanced security network effects and access to the world-class data analytics that we expect from Sumo Logic. At the end of the day eSentire is all about delivering security results, and Sumo Organizations helps make that possible at scale.”

“The market opportunity for managed service providers is massive and they’re under pressure to deliver more value by increasing reliability and improving the customer experience,” said Jabari Norton, VP of Worldwide Partner and Alliances for Sumo Logic. “With Sumo Organizations MSPs, MSSPs, and MDRs can quickly scale their businesses to hundreds and thousands of their clients and deliver the real-time continuous intelligence needed from a single platform that is both cost-effective and enterprise-ready.”

Cross-Organization Visibility and Managed Costs for the Enterprise
With multiple DevOps and security teams in place at large enterprises, implementing operations and security monitoring platforms often present a key challenge as there is no clear way to gain cross-organization visibility, while effectively managing cost and applying the appropriate security and compliance controls. Sumo Organizations allows teams to unify their approach to data visibility and helps them improve their operations around security incidents and application downtime occurrences, and avoid jumping between different services or tools to identify active security threats or build pipeline issues.

Sumo Organizations includes a native multi-tenant and organizational hierarchy, enabling cross-organization visibility, provisioning, aggregate usage reporting, and cost management at the organization level. Key capabilities include:

Multi-tenant management interface to view and manage all your organizations

Single-sign on access to all of your customers

Point-in-time usage reporting, and the ability to allocate credits across orgs

Support for cross-geographical deployment billing

Role-based access control permissions for credit allocation and provisioning

Self-service provisioning and trials account creation for Partners

Federated view of Sumo Logic Cloud Enterprise insights

“Enterprises are creating more data, they have more pipelines, and they have more teams that can gain intelligence into their operations by analyzing this data. Running this at scale quickly becomes a problem for enterprises, as they find it hard to get accurate visibility into current usage trends across their operations,” said Michael Marfise, General Manager for Product Growth at Sumo Logic. “Sumo Organizations eliminates challenges with tracking and maintaining policies, users, collections, and content across multiple departments and business units. In future iterations, we expect Sumo Organizations will also support the ability to set up and manage content and data, monitor and troubleshoot organizations, manage fine-grained RBAC permissions, and view federated dashboards.”

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