Actapio Taps Fellow AI for Robotics Deployment

December 21, 2020

Fellow AI signs a deployment contract with datacenter leader Actapio to deploy FellowAudit, a state-of-the-art 3D mapping and precise asset tracking solution. FellowAudit utilizes the latest 3D lidar to generate accurate, large-scale 3D maps of datacenters and large facilities that can be further processed into a 2D layout map. Onboard FellowAudit is the cutting-edge SmartTrace algorithm that intelligently combines this 3D map with data from multiple RFID antennas and/or RGB cameras to provide precise 3D micro-location of thousands of assets with up to 5 inches of accuracy.

FellowAudit enables Actapio to map and audit datacenters frequently, and precisely locate all their assets in a 3D map. Audit data is accessible in real-time in an integrated and intuitive web-based dashboard that helps visualize key insights and drive efficiency. All assets are fully searchable in the full 3D map

"We are excited to partner with Fellow AI to constantly map and scan our assets in datacenters. The digitalization of datacenters will be a game changer in the coming years as it will allow datacenters to optimize operations while having a real time view of all assets and their precise location." says Norifumi Matsuya, CEO of Actapio.

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