Deep Observability Market Forecasted at 64% CAGR

August 5, 2022

Deep observability adoption is now forecasted to reach $2B by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 64 percent, according to market intelligence research firm 650 Group.

Today’s most prevalent challenges of managing modern cloud infrastructures are the increased complexity, driven by the acceleration of digital transformation, and the resulting security and performance blind spots created by deploying an array of disparate tools spread out across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. Over the next five years, organizations will increasingly rely upon observability tools to monitor their hybrid cloud environments for security and performance issues at the application layer, but these tools leave them exposed to cyber threats because they lack visibility at the network-layer of their infrastructure.

To eliminate blind spots, reduce complexity and simplify compliance governance, organizations will increasingly leverage deep observability techniques that harness actionable network-level intelligence to amplify the power of observability tools to deliver defense in depth and complete performance management. As a result, IT leaders will have the ability to assure security and compliance governance, pinpoint performance bottlenecks, and gain the operational agility they require to realize the full transformational promise of the cloud.

Deep observability includes probes and agents sold as standalone systems and charged separately from other observability systems. Deep observability, as defined by the 650 Group:

Is an emerging segment within observability

Can inspect and gather network, security, and computing traffic by extracting event metadata from packets or computing infrastructure is a separate set of tools beyond event-based logging

May be hardware probes or virtual agents

Must maintain multi-vendor support

Must support multiple networks, such as public cloud, private data centers, and colocation deployments

Should be interoperable with numerous observability platform data lakes

“While cloud computing is now the norm vs. the exception, the current pace of cloud migrations has introduced a new level of complexity and risk that is driving a sea change in the industry,” said Alan Weckel, founder and technology analyst of 650 Group. “Deep observability as an emerging, fast-growing market presents a significant opportunity for IT leaders to re-evaluate how they gain value from their digital tools. With its deep industry knowledge and expertise, Gigamon is in a unique position to lead the market into this next era of hybrid cloud security and network performance management as more organizations look to reinvent their performance and scalability tactics.”

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