Hunters Open XDR Debuts

May 24, 2021

Hunters XDR is a vendor-agnostic cloud-native platform that applies an open approach to data. Hunters XDR seamlessly ingests, cost-effectively retains and dynamically cross-correlates telemetry from all security tools to integrate and analyze threat signals across large enterprise environments, fostering accelerated, confident response to incidents. Hunters XDR will be demonstrated virtually at RSA Conference 2021 at the Hunters booth.

“The hardest problem in security today is the gap we have between threat detection and incident response – security teams have no shortage of alerts to investigate and in most cases they have the data indicating an incident. What we’re missing is the ability to identify and act on the signals that matter, to quickly investigate and clearly understand the context of an alert,” said Uri May, CEO and co-founder of Hunters. “Hunters’ ability to prioritize real incidents from a broad mix of telemetry and provide a clear roadmap for triage and containment is a game-changer for effective incident response.”

Effective detection, investigation and response starts with complete access to data. Any form of compromise to these data elements, whether from single-solution stacks or forced data limits from escalating data charges, compromises downstream security operations activity.

Hunters’ open XDR framework is built with a holistic approach to data:

Ingest all available security telemetry – from on-prem sources to the cloud

Normalize and unify all the data into a single, digestible schema to facilitate analysis

Retain the data over time, using an affordable cloud-based data storage and retention model to ensure coverage for incident investigation

Focus on Understanding the Complete Context of an Attack

Extended detection and response transforms the ability of SOC analysts to triage, investigate and understand the impact of an incident, as a driver for better, more effective response.

Hunters XDR provides a clear context for each incident, including root cause, affected users and assets, and the timeline of events, creating a clear roadmap for containment.

Hunters XDR provides critical capabilities in augmenting an analyst’s ability to address sophisticated attacks, including:

Packaged deep security expertise: ready-to-use adaptive detectors, built to identify unknown threats, uncover a broader range of relevant signals

Threat-current Analytics: continuous stream of threat analytics with real-time updates reduce the burden of detection engineering by analysts

Machine Learning: beyond expanding human capacity, facilitates auto-investigations cross-correlating and analyzing all signals, including elevating low-fidelity (appearing as benign) signals that are hidden from typical detection capabilities

Dynamic Scoring: applies more sophisticated alert curation and prioritization, avoids skipped alerts based on security expertise and organizational context while also supporting customer parameters

Attack Stories: curated and correlated signals are packaged into a contextual view of an incident for accelerated analyst understanding of the attack and its impact

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