Project Better Code Debuts

May 18, 2021

Code Dx and Secure Code Warrior have teamed up to launch Project Better Code, an initiative to tackle a major challenge facing innovative organizations today pushing the pace of software development without compromising software security.

To address this challenge, Code Dx has integrated Secure Code Warrior into its automated vulnerability management and correlation platform to offer contextual training for each organization's actual security vulnerabilities, on demand. Instead of making secure code training a one-size-fits-all annual event, this integration provides daily reinforcement of secure coding practices, allowing developers to consistently train on the security vulnerabilities identified and prioritized by Code Dx in real-time.

"Code Dx promotes innovation through software development. By aggregating and prioritizing results from all your security tools, we can ensure that security doesn't impair the speed of innovation and slow down progress," said Utsav Sanghani, Director of Product Management. "Oftentimes, there are thousands of results in a project and there's no way for security to triage all of them while keeping up with the speed of DevOps. The Code Dx platform effectively solves that problem. While fixing problems is critical, preventing coding errors that result in vulnerabilities can only be addressed through consistent, integrated contextual training offered by organizations like Secure Code Warrior."

"Secure Code Warrior is excited to participate in Project Better Code. By making security a positive and engaging experience, our human-led approach uncovers the secure developer inside every coder, enabling development teams to ship quality code faster by improving security at the most efficient stage of the software development process. By partnering with Code Dx on this initiative, we are combining our two approaches to improve security throughout the SDLC," said Stephen Allor, Director of Partnerships at Secure Code Warrior.

The integration is available now in Code Dx.

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