Kenco Logistics Opens New Perris, CA Distribution Center

May 10, 2021

Kenco Logistics opened a new multi-client facility in Perris, CA within its southern California campus. At 397,000 square feet, the distribution center is sized and located to meet customer expectations, support robust supply chains, and drive growth.

This new Perris warehousing and distribution services facility joins other shared facilities operated by Kenco with close proximity and easy access to the hub of Los Angeles. Staffed with an experienced labor force, the facility is supported by advanced technologies to ensure customers have the tools they need to optimize their supply chains. This includes warehouse management solutions (WMS) and Kenco’s own LoadProof application, which works to eliminate chargebacks via image capturing in the warehouse.

“When combined with the current Perris facilities, this additional distribution center brings us more scalable and multi-client customer space in Southern California,” said David Caines, Chief Operating Officer, Kenco Logistics. “The new shared facility allows us to help organizations share labor in a tight labor market and navigate fluctuating demand to surpass consumer expectations. With over 70 years of experience in the industry and a suite of powerful solutions, Kenco continues to support accelerated growth for our customers.”

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