Qt Buys froglogic

April 16, 2021

Qt will acquire froglogic GmbH, a major provider of quality assurance tools, such as test automation tools. The acquisition will bring froglogic’s market-leading test automation tools into the Qt product portfolio to offer a complete, streamlined package for customers, extending the offering to encompass the entire software development process from design, development and deployment and now quality assurance.

Qt is used by more than 1.5 million developers in thousands of companies globally. Built with productivity as its cornerstone, Qt empowers companies to meet the increasing software market requirements driven by the exponential growth of the IoT market and the stagnant growth of available software developers. Qt puts next-generation user experience at the heart of product development, streamlining designer-developer processes and feedback cycles to ensure a higher success rate in delivery. With customers across 70 different industries, Qt tools ensure the same code can be used on any hardware of any size, from microcontrollers to supercomputers on any operating system. The Qt company has 13 offices worldwide, and will add the existing froglogic operations in Hamburg, Germany to its locations. The company experienced 38% growth in 2020, despite challenges from the effects of the global pandemic.

froglogic was founded to create a best-of-breed cross platform Graphic User Interface (GUI) test automation tool, specifically to automate tests for applications based on the Qt GUI framework. Among other major achievements leveraged by its Squish- and Coco-products, the company has been recognized in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation. The company has rapidly grown to include GUI test tools for GUI technologies on Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, embedded/mobile and Web platforms. The integration of these technologies into The Qt Company extends the existing offering to meet the needs of developers at every stage of the development lifecycle.

“As The Qt Company continues its growth, the acquisition of froglogic is an important milestone in broadening Qt’s best-in-class software development tools and building in automated testing and code coverage analysis directly into our suite of products. Understanding that speed of delivery for new products is crucial to our customers, our goal is to improve developer productivity and make the product development process as streamlined as possible,” said Juha Varelius, President and CEO, Qt Group Plc. “We continuously see that the companies are pushing to get new products and services out to customers aiming to a stronger go-to-market execution. Creating an efficient design and development cycle, underpinned with automated testing, is critical to enabling this for our customers.”

“froglogic was founded in 2003, specially to meet the needs of testing applications based on the Qt GUI framework. As such we have number of joint customers who already benefit from our combined product set, and will now see a simplification of buying process. With this acquisition our tools will be leveraged by the Qt sales force to service its global customer base,” said Reginald Stadlbauer, Co-Founder of froglogic. “We’re delighted to be part of The Qt Company and to continue on its exciting growth trajectory, bringing a truly holistic approach to the design, development process cycle and deliver even more effective outcomes for our customers.” added Harri Porten, Co-Founder of froglogic.

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