CockroachDB 21.1 GA

May 18, 2021

CockroachDB 21.1 is a substantial leap forward for the distributed SQL database. CockroachDB already has a reputation as the world's most powerful global database, and with this latest release it's now also the easiest. CockroachDB 21.1 makes it dead simple to tie data to specific locations anywhere in the world within a single database — ensuring regulatory compliance, reducing latency, and improving fault-tolerance. CockroachDB 21.1 enables any developer — no matter their expertise — to start small, scale fast, and go global effortlessly.

Today's users demand an always-on, near-instantaneous experience, no matter where they are on the planet, and deployment of a database across multiple regions lets you meet these requirements. However, this has historically been incredibly costly or an operational nightmare. With its unique architecture and built-in ability to manage the location of data, CockroachDB has eliminated the majority of the challenges of distributing data anywhere in the world.

The ability to tie data to a location is a capability used by hundreds of CockroachDB customers, and now using that feature has been reduced to a few simple SQL statements. This new approach makes geo-locating data accessible in seconds to any developer who can write SQL. Deploying data globally also now requires no forethought—even if you start with a single region, at any time you can simply add CockroachDB nodes to another location (available instantly in the cloud) and activate these features without downtime, schema changes, or manual sharding of any kind. You can now deliver a fast and reliable user experience to anyone in the world with a single SQL statement.

"Our mission has always been to make building truly breakthrough applications easy for any developer. Too many development teams start on a platform that's merely 'good enough,' and are then either hamstrung when their business grows, or have to suffer the pain of a migration," said Spencer Kimball, CEO and cofounder at Cockroach Labs. "Your aspirations should not be constrained by your infrastructure. With CockroachDB 21.1, anyone can build their application from the beginning on a database that can take them from one cloud region to a global footprint, from three people in a garage to a multi-million dollar business."

CockroachDB dramatically reduces operational complexity and makes it easy to deliver fast, reliable customer experiences by:

minimizing transactional latency by placing data physically close to end users,

eliminating outages with redundancies that can survives entire region or cloud failures,

supporting data privacy compliance by storing data within local boundaries,

and delivering a multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud deployment to eliminate risk and costs of an "all-in" single cloud approach

From Fortune 500 companies to five person startups, companies across the globe in every industry are using CockroachDB to transform their business. For example, DoorDash is using CockroachDB to handle large activity spikes within particular regions while maintaining consistent transactions. SpaceX uses CockroachDB to manage and store operational data for the largest constellation of satellites in the world. Other customers include Comcast, eBay, Norfolk Southern, LaunchDarkly, Lush, Tokopedia, and Mythical Games.

Additional updates in CockroachDB 21.1 enable developers to:

Store JSON and spatial data across multiple cloud regions with the addition of a new type of index, partitioned inverted indexes

Ease optimization and troubleshooting SQL queries with more details now available in EXPLAIN, EXPLAIN ANALYZE, and more statement and transaction details in CockroachDB native monitoring UI, including information on contention

Process logs with more third-party tools with a variety of updates including more log formatting options
Stream data from a cluster to a greater variety of tools, with a new type of encryption available for the native Change Data Capture (CDC) capability

Improved testing and migration of applications that previously used Postgres, with improvements to the import functionality to ignore unsupported statements

Seamless integration with the developer tools ActiveRecord, Hibernate, Liquibase, and Datagrip and updates in CockroachDB's compatibility with these tools

The easiest way to run CockroachDB is with CockroachCloud, our database-as-a-service available instantly on multiple cloud providers around the world.

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