Altova MobileTogether 7.3 GA

July 26, 2021

MobileTogether 7.3 is a rapid app development platform for building enterprise solutions and native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. This latest release introduces additional options to help developers monetize the apps they create using MobileTogether and integrate them in other applications.

A highlight of some new features in this release:

  • Support for in-app purchases. Developers can now enable in-app purchases in the native iOS, Android, and Windows apps they create using MobileTogether, providing a powerful new opportunity to monetize apps using the native app store purchasing process on each platform.
  • Ability to embed MobileTogether Windows client in your own UWP (Universal Windows Platform) application. Integrating one or more MobileTogether solutions in a UWP application lets developers take advantage of MobileTogether for quick, easy development of sophisticated functionality and then integrate it seamlessly in another application.
  • Support for tooltips Tooltips can be assigned to buttons, labels, checkboxes and other elements to provide end users with information that is displayed when they mouse-over (on desktop device) or long-click (on mobile device).
  • Support for Android 11
  • Support for additional database versions
    • IBM DB2 for iSeries 7.4
    • IBM DB2 11.5
    • PostgreSQL 13

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