ABI Research Measures Top Ten IoT Players

June 01, 2021

The new Competitive Assessment by ABI Research provides an in-depth and unbiased examination of the services offered by ten IoT players, while at the same time delivers market insights based on certain chosen technological criteria including IoT onboarding and lifecycle management solutions and ranks secure updates and FOTA (firmware-over-the-air), trusted device identity, intelligence, and automation options. These three criteria and their sub-elements were identified as the most vital for the evolution of IoT in a scalable and secure manner while also holding the reigns for the sustainable monetization of IoT security in the evolving market landscape.

The companies evaluated and ranked are:

Market Leaders: Microsoft Azure and AWS

Mainstream: Pelion, Intel, Telit, Device Authority, Thales, and Digicert

Followers: Avsystem and Sequitur Labs

Microsoft Azure and AWS are leading the battle at the very core of IoT deployments and enjoying the lion’s share of cloud dominance. Securing the device identity supply chain is a strong focus for companies like Intel, Device Authority, and Pelion, and secure hardware module manufacturers like Thales and Telit boast high levels of secure onboarding and lifecycle management. “Understanding the intricacies of the market is key,” Dimitrios Pavlakis, Senior Analyst of IoT and Digital Security at ABI Research. “Cloud device management alone is not enough to guarantee victory; the importance of critical partnerships is as relevant as ever to increase market reach and not be consumed by the competition. Intelligent solutions and automation are required for a sustainable lifecycle management environment, and even criteria like dev-tools and resource modularity can greatly add to the popularity of certain solutions and shape future IoT-borne revenue streams.” Market evaluation for secure IoT management is challenging but necessary and IoT onboarding and lifecycle management is one of those instances where secure FOTA, automation, and trust device identity offerings can be the great equalizers.

Charlene Marini, Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Pelion said, "More companies are deepening their digital transformation, harnessing the power of digitized devices. It marks a new phase for the IoT and organizations, with many having the foresight to rely on a partner that can offer scalability of devices systems while simplifying IoT device management and security. It’s great to see that ABI recognize the importance of a connected device platform that standardizes the onboarding process and offers a flexible, open infrastructure for trusted insights and secure device life cycle across systems of heterogenous devices at scale."

Darron Antill, CEO of Device Authority added, "It is very encouraging to see ABI Research assess the challenges customers have in solving the security requirements end-to-end for IoT projects, in particular device onboarding and lifecycle management which is a core value of our KeyScaler plaform. Understanding the key areas such Secure by Design for devices, the IoT application layer and being able to trust devices and data, cloud and on-premise challenges, and the lifecycle of IoT devices is critical to help a customer have a secure and compliant IoT business outcome."

A total of twelve criteria were chosen for the purposes of this analysis, identified by leading hardware, cloud, gateway, and security service providers as the most critical ones for future IoT deployments and segmented across innovation and implementation clusters. These include encryption and hardware security, cloud, and software options, breadth of dev tools and resources, IoT connectivity and ecosystem support, quality of strategic partnerships, regulatory policies, pricing, and monetization, on top of the aforementioned FOTA, automation, and trusted ID. While each criterion hosts its own set of challenges for different IoT applications and various monetization models, together they make up the brunt of the workload for next-generation IoT onboarding and lifecycle management.

Organizations must revisit their IoT security monetization strategy and align with the constantly shifting device management pieces prior to going to market and dispel the notion that innovation alone can grant them victory. “Innovation without a clear device-to-cloud roadmap, a flexible monetization strategy, and a solid partnership circle is utterly meaningless in most cases,” Pavlakis concludes.

Larry O’Connell, Vice President, Marketing with Sequitur Labs commented, "Sequitur Labs is excited to be mentioned as a Top Ten IoT player by ABI. We share ABI’s vision for Securing the IoT, in that true device security requires an approach involving all phases of a product’s lifecycle: design, manufacturing, and management.

With 75 Billion devices expected to be online in the coming years, device security is simply not optional any longer. IoT Device developers need to ensure their products are protected from attacks, safe and secure through the manufacturing process, and able to be managed securely throughout the life of the product. Without the appropriate implementation of IoT Security, vendors risk damage to their products, credibility and brand, as well as the loss of critical intellectual property, for example, AI/ML algorithms.

Implementing security at the device level is, however, a big challenge, requiring investments in technical skills- security features, silicon integration, and cloud integration- and changes to business processes, such as manufacturing operations, while still preserving budgets and optimizing time to market. Developers should consider a complete chip-to-cloud solution to address this.

Sequitur Labs’ EmSPARK™ Security Suite is a comprehensive IoT Security software solution that addresses the key security elements of the IoT device life-cycle (design, build, and sustain) in a prepackaged solution. As an IoT device developer, you can significantly reduce the risk and time to market challenges of implementing device security, by easily integrating EmSPARK™ with your device applications.

EmSPARK™ Security Suite is supported on industry-leading platforms from Microchip, NXP, NVIDIA, ST Microelectronics, and others."

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